The Supernatural Revival Story Behind Donald Trump’s Personal Bible


A Bible given to Donald J. Trump by his mother first belonged to a minister whose preaching from its pages in the early 1900s ignited the Hebrides Revival off the coast of Scotland.

Today the Hebrides Bible is in the White House Oval Office with the 45th president of the United States.

The president’s mother, Mary Anne Smith MacLeod, named her fourth son, Donald, after a cousin who assisted Hebrides Revival Minister Duncan Campbell. And two intercessors who prayed for the revival on the Isle of Lewis were her aunts.

The president and founder of Crown College, Dr. Clarence Sexton, wonders if an outpouring like the Hebrides Revival is in some way connected to the President Trump’s Bible.

“I don’t know how it all comes together, but I believe God is putting some things together to give us a window—just a window—if He finds some open people who know what the window is for,” Sexton says. “Could this be the time when the window’s open, providentially, for this moment? And will we become the people of prayer, pleading with God—this is a plea—’Will Thou not revive us again?'”

Listen to an incredible story about the Hebrides Revival and how a special Bible made its way to the White House here.

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